Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cellulite and Belly Fat Workout

No more procrastinating!
If you are unmotivated and lazy, this is NOT for you …
But if you’re ready to try fat burning workouts that actually WORK to burn off stubborn body fat in a smart, healthy way — and permanently, then read below…
by Rumiana Ilieva – Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist

Your Grocery Store Mistakes are Making You Store More Belly Fat and Cellulite!

You may think you eat healthy, but you are not!
Eating healthy can make you fat if you eat more than you need to and if you eat foods you think are healthy but they are not. You need to burn the fat by calorie deficit from proper diet and exercises – that’s it – it is simple concept, but many people can’t get it.
I’ll show you meal plan (not diet, but meal!) with real food (not diet gimmicks that food industry makes you believe are “healthy”) that make you feel full and constantly burn fat.
You’ve Been Mislead to do All of the Wrong Exercises
You need to go out of your comfort zone to burn fat. Light, easy workouts CAN’T do the job. I’ll show you kick ass fat burning workouts – they are not easy, because easy exercises do nothing. (Easy exercises mean exercises that not get you out of comfort zone.)
The good news is that these are short fat burning workouts. Everybody can go out of comfort zone for 20 minutes, right! If you need to devote just 20 minutes of your life to get sexy, beach body, do it with these workouts, because they are greatly effective and time saving – you get results for shortest time!
My fat burning workouts do 2 main things:
1. Burn belly fat – you are told to do cardio to burn fat, right? Okay, cardio is good to burn fat but it is very boring to run on treadmill 40 minutes, and it is not effective! There is a way to do cardio in more efficient way and it is to have it in between strength exercises. In my workouts you will not run 40 minutes, or jump for 40 minutes, because the whole workout lasts 20 minutes! You will do the most effective cardio, short, intense and in much benefit for belly fat.
2. Get rid of cellulite on thighs, bun and arms. You are told that cellulite is not fat, actually cellulite is fat, but the shape of the fat cells on thighs is different and that’s why it forms dimpling skin. Lotions can’t help to get rid of cellulite, because you can’t influence fat from outside. You need to lose fat from inside you. And fat burning workouts push fat from inside you, they transform fat to energy and you burn this energy with short and intense combination of strength exercises and cardio.
If you want beach body (everybody can have beach body, for some people it takes 28 days, for other 3-4 months, it depends how fat you are, the fatter the longer) it is better to start now, because it will take time to change your body and you don’t want to miss another day!
You need to do 2 things...


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